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Creating a staff roster can be a tricky task. You have to keep up with available employees, their qualifications and work hours while keeping their wishes and shift demands in mind. These days, a rostering software can help with this process. It automates the scheduling and removes human error to find the best solutions that will save time, money and raise morale. Here’s how an automatic rostering software can benefit your business.

Different types of rosters

Not every business will benefit from the same roster. There are many business sectors that have specific needs when it comes to planning their schedules and shifts. Even in the same line of work, companies can have their own internal structure and mentality. Rosters should fit these exact needs instead of being a “one fits all” solution. These are some roster types with different requirements:

Duty rosters

A duty roster incorporates the employees’ specific talents. If more than one staff member is equipped to handle a task or fill a role, the roster makes sure the right person is at the right spot at the right time. There are no double-ups or missing qualifications when you use duty rosters correctly.


Flexi-rosters are more flexible than the common roster. It suits workplaces where the staff shifts often. This can happen in businesses where employees are involved in the schedule planning and can take different shifts according to their private plans, or business where long shifts – especially on weekends – have to be compensated with free time.

Staggered rosters

Staggered rosters help businesses that must meet different demands at different times. In many retail stores, customer numbers will increase during specific hours. A staggered roster helps you have enough staff in your roster exactly when they are needed and also incorporate the downtimes.

How automatic rostering software can help your business

A program that helps with your rota schedule for employees can adapt to your company’s specific needs. Modern staff management software is built to incorporate a variety of functions that can be tailored and automated to help your business thrive. These are some of the benefits a rostering software can give to your business:

Save costs

There are multiple reasons why a rostering software will save costs. For one, those who work on the staff schedules will free up their time when an automated app helps them create the best roster solutions.

Secondly, the software is equipped to find the ideal solutions for any situation. You won’t be losing money through bad staff management that caused over or understaffing. It even helps you keep an eye on when employees would reach overtime and which scheduling choice would exceed your budget for wages.

Workers remain productive

The automated staff management software will always try to find the most beneficial roster. That means it will also track which workers have worked last and which works have worked more than others, because they tend to fill in for others when they are sick. The app will try to find the best replacement options and rosters that avoid stress and burn out.

Reduce absenteeism

With automated staff roster software, you can give your employees the ability to mark their availability. They can be included in planning their shifts in harmony with their private life. The app can use this information to give the employees the work hours they would prefer whenever possible. This increases morale and productivity. Workers will show up more often, on time and motivated.

Better employee morale

Employees will be more content if they have a say in the roster planning. Additionally, if the roster is organized better and creates adequate workloads and structures, the staff will be happier. It raises morale, staff loyalty and creates a feeling of trust.

Better service

When your shifts are staffed well and the employees are happy with their work hours, they will have an easier time offering a good service. Especially when it comes to retail and service jobs, stressed personnel and missing qualifications can cause negative experiences for both the customers and staff.

Improved management control

A good staff management software is accessible from anywhere and updates in real-time. HR can view the roster information at all times and react to changes if necessary. The app also helps in informing staff of any scheduling decisions and allows collecting data more easily.

Accurate scheduling forecasts

The staff rostering software includes analyzing technology. With enough data, the program can anticipate the coming shift demands and fill them up accordingly. Machine learning can help to shift the decision-making from humans to machines, who have an easier time accurately calculating the right decisions.


Many startups are already using digital management solutions, such as content management software, to keep track of their tasks and demands. The same is true for staff rostering software. It takes unnecessary busywork from HR workers and automates the process of creating rosters. By feeding the program with the right information, such as demands and availability, the software can calculate the best schedules for your staff. This reduces errors, such as over-staffing, and helps raise employee morale. Overall, the rostering software will save your business money and time.

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