Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

When Mark Zuckerberg announced the new direction of Facebook and how it was going to advance into the Metaverse it sent ripples across the world. For the first time an industry giant had directly pledged itself towards the growing idea of the Metaverse and now is actively working to integrate itself into this virtual realm.

With that being said, Facebook or it’s parent company, the newly named Meta, isn’t the first entity to recognize the potential that the Metaverse has to offer. Blocto is a cross-chain integrated smart wallet platform that operates as a marketplace for NFT’s and dApps. Aiming to be like the “Steam of dApps”, Blocto has a sizable market catering towards dApps as well as trading of virtual currencies and tokens.

With an ecosystem that already utilizes such Solana, Ethereum, and Binance, Blocto has proven to be a company that adapts to what its users need with speed and intuitiveness that has been unmatched in its competitors. While this is impressive on its own, the growing Metaverse presents an opportunity that could leap the Blocto platform into new heights of success.

The existing nature of Blocto means that it already is in the perfect position to be integrated into the Metaverse. It already has a decentralized nature that is designed for multiple different blockchains and user sources to draw from. And its unique nature could easily be adjusted to invoke the ideas of a physical store or auction house like those found in video games.

As Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality technology becomes more widespread, Blocto has a platform that could be adjusted to make use of it. The Metaverse is the idea of everything being connected in a virtual location, and with a pre-established and easy to use platform like Blocto, users would be able to buy and sell with ease and continue their virtual journeys unimpeded by having to slow down and log off to purchase items.

Though this may sound like a stretch, consider that Blocto already has a marketplace that serves as the go to location for four different blockchains, and continues to attract more users looking for a streamlined and efficient experience. The platform is loaded with dApps and various game services, while it has a growing number of NFT traders.

While NFT’s are still a niche audience, consider how much of an impact they would have on a more virtual reality oriented platform. Already people are trading NFT’s for various social media avatars and profile pictures, but if NFTs change how they look from a VR perspective? It would be a landslide of trading and sales as people compete for the most unique, the most beautiful, or the most interesting avatars. The demand would be immense for such creations, and people would want a safe and secure location to trade these back and forth.

That’s where the Blocto marketplace comes in, a fully interactive location for NFTs to be bought, sold, advertised, and traded at a moment’s notice. People would flock to this location and it would become the marketplace of choice for those who are searching for a way to trade Crypto or NFTs in an environment where the only limitation is one’s own imagination.

Of course, this is all dependent on the further integration of Metaverse principles, and Blocto itself would need to go through some updates in order to meet the demand that would ensue. First of all, it would need to embrace VR technologies in order to create an environment suitable for this type of marketplace. It would also need to broaden its offerings in order to properly meet the “Steam of dApps” ideal that it is trying to live up to. While these are tall orders, it is not out of the realm of possibility for Blocto to meet.

Blocto would also need for blockchain technology to have a wider audience in order to have a greater audience to start with. While it is likely that blockchain will have a solid place within the Metaverse, Blocto would be best served by helping to speed adoption and using existing technologies to establish as large a user base as it can before Meta-integration takes place. Once this does happen, Blocto would need to be able to leverage Metaverse based technologies in order to grow larger still, but the potential growth that the Metaverse offers would lead to immense success if done properly.

The idea of the Metaverse, the combination of existing marketplaces, virtual reality technologies, communications, and even Crypto based technologies like blockchain, is something that has taken the world by surprise. However, it is simply the culmination of decades of development and innovation combined into one ideal, one virtual universe that any user could take a part in. Blocto stands to gain immensely from this integration, and with only a few adjustments it could be the platform of choice for this new frontier of development.

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