Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

We live in a world that is advancing in science and culture at an astonishing rate. Things that were once thought to exist only in the world of imagination a few decades ago have become part of our everyday lives. Portable Computers, Virtual Reality, even 3D interfaces have become parts of our everyday lives. Even as further developments take place, these ideas are starting to coalesce into the Metaverse: a place where science, culture, and our own imaginations combine to create a new form of experience. The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, where virtual reality augments the experience. Virtual stores already in existence serve at the first step towards that idea and users are enthusiastically embracing them.

A virtual store is a location that mimics the physical retail experience in a virtual setting. Users are able to explore the location in a similar manner to how they would in a real life store by using their computers. While still a developing technology, these virtual stores are the first steps towards creating a fully interactive virtual world for users to explore and utilize at their own pace. Serving as the framework for Meta-integration, virtual stores are a strong look at what the Metaverse stands to offer.

Virtual tech startup ByondXR has taken the first steps into embracing the Metaverse through its pioneering software that replicates the retail experience in a virtual environment. Fully interactive 3D experiences, created by ByondXR, have allowed for people to experience the full range of retail services and benefits all by using their home computers. Delighted users have explored these environments and have found to their surprise that these virtual stores offer the same attentiveness and services that a physical store does.

There is still a strong demand for the traditional retail experience. Recent trends have proven that the desire in people to go out and shop is as strong as ever. While physical stores are still the standard for shopping, virtual stores are acting as an accessory to physical retail that still provide that shopping experience that people want, but in a different medium than would typically be used.

Instead of seeking to replace traditional methods, ByondXR has sought to create a bond between the growing field of virtual shopping and physical retail. E-commerce has exploded in popularity and many retailers have worried that their days are numbered due to the growing numbers of digital sales versus physical transactions. Recognizing this valid fear, ByondXR created the first truly virtual stores for retailers to connect to their customers with.

Retailers that are worried about their physical locations losing relevance can adopt virtual locations where they can adapt to new trends with fluidity and speed. They can create experiences using the proprietary 3D engine developed by ByondXR that mimic the real experience down to employees being able to interact with customers in a living and fluid manner. Further developments have refined this experience and users are able to navigate the stores at their own pace or even see how products would look on them using the uploading tool.

While this is an amazing development in its own right and offers many retailers a chance to stay relevant in a digital age, it is not the largest step that has been taken. ByondXR has actually created a foundation for the expansion into the Metaverse. The Metaverse is the proposed culmination of technology seeking to create an entire virtual reality experience. Everything from shopping to watching movies and even virtual medical consultations: all done on the internet using any basic computer.

While these all seem to be in the realm of the fantastic, the technology for these already exists and we are seeing them take shape in the form of zoom meetings, e-commerce platforms, and telehealth visits. ByondXR has taken this a step forward and is offering an amazing innovation in the form of its 3D shops. For the first time in history, people can experience a genuine retail store without having to leave the home, and it works. New users are jumping into a newly created realm and they see that it works and are spreading the world that it is a beautiful platform.

Virtual shopping is the way of the future and it is something that many people have been looking forward to. But ByondXR is among the first to step into this new field of existence and it has done so in a way that feels almost magical. The Metaverse is a sleeping giant of virtual augmentation and it is slowly being awakened due in part to the work that ByondXR has done with its own engine.

ByondXR already counts such brands as Lancome in its lists of successes. Virtual stores and events, designed for this beauty giant, have found successes across Europe and Latin America and further developments have led to a more nuanced and engaging experience. Luxury brand Armani Beauty World, one of their most recent partners, worked with ByondXR to create a unique experience that awed users, showcasing how virtual stores can have great impact on customers. ByondXR is a growing brand that has been recognized by major industry players through successful partnerships in creating virtual stores. As the Metaverse ideals start to become more of a reality, it is clear that this growing brand is worth watching and that they will not stop their train of successes any time soon.

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